Extremely wide variety of materials and patterns …

Gallery Textiles
       Interior textile is the last touch when designing and arranging any room – home, office, venue or hotel. The availability of different textile collections (jacquard, shanil, plush, suede, satinised, two-faced, waterproof, 100% cotton, etc./ provides for the most spectacular combinations of colours and patterns.
       The controlled indicators, defining these materials as textiles – wear resistance, tensile strength, pealing, etc., guaranteed by a certificate, provide complete comfort for the furniture.
       You can trust our experience when choosing the textile which will help you achieve a different atmosphere in every space. We will match the colours already in your room, in order to find a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing solution for your desired style.
We make the offer but the choice is yours!

Visit the Tomatex Home Textile showroom: Burgas, Lazur, 63 Konstantin Velichkov Str.