Practicality and aesthetics …

Gallery Flok
       Flok is new generation textile with innovative qualities, providing water resistance and easy maintenance. It was developed according to Oeko-Tex-100 standards of the European Union – it does not contain harmful materials. The textile is antibacterial and ISO certified according to the tensile strength and colour stability standards. It is long-lasting – a minimum of 75 000 sittings. The textile is suitable for children – it prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. At the same time flok, with its unique silky texture, is no second to other textiles with its diversity of fabrics, colours and patterns – from the soft caress of velvet to the strong density of high-quality processed leather. The different flok collections with various motifs (flok on flok) provide a wide choice even for the most demanding taste.
       The special qualities of this relatively new product make it suitable for large venues and public areas such as lobbies and foyers. Cleaning requires just a wet towel.
       Another application area of flok as a textile is the upholstering of transport vehicles on land and water. The most modern technologies were used to achieve maximum resistance to UV light, aggressive atmospheric conditions, salt and chlorine.
       Flok is the only textile strong and resistant enough to allowing you to have pets without any problems. The synthetic fibres are processed using special nanotechnology and cannot be torn by claws, which is a serious advantage to other fabrics and makes flok the preferred textile.

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