Classic and something else

Gallery Leather
       Leather has been part of people’s lives for thousands of years. Natural leather – raw or processed, has been used by humankind since ancient times. Nowadays, with the development of modern technologies, we have a modern meaning of the word leather, which is expressed by the extraordinary qualities of the synthetic version of this textile. Synthetic leather is equal to or even better than natural leather when it comes to certain criteria, such as weight, softness, wear resistance, appearance, etc. Synthetic leather is excellent substitute in any application and is extremely popular, especially having in mind the environment we live in.
       Using leather for upholstering furniture gives it elegance and adds luxury to the interior. The easy cleaning is an advantage to those who choose that kind of textile.
       The leather which Tomatex Home Textile offers for upholstering are mostly synthetic with a wide range of colours, shine, softness, pattern, stretch, wrinkles and combinations with flok. Their quality is certificated.
Our offers will help you achieve the appearance of natural materials and the shine of modern luxury at an affordable price.

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