Innovation and practicality …

Gallery Print
       The newest textile prints capture the senses with their irresistible combinations of colour and patterns. The textiles are perfect to arrange the details of your interior.
       Let your fantasy run free, play around with the colours and ensure comfort and cosiness in your home, office, villa and garden by using current textiles – prints.
       The wide variety of prints lets you find a solution for a complete textile furnishing.
       The prints we offer in our showroom can be successfully matched with similar tulle or combined according to colour. The double width (280 cm) of the sheet will only be of help when you choose the textile pattern and fabric to complete your modern home or office.
       The combination of colours, resistant to atmospheric conditions and the quality and resilience of fabric makes them practical for your garden furniture and outdoor venues.

Visit the Tomatex Home Textile showroom: Burgas, Lazur, 63 Konstantin Velichkov Str.