Roman blinds

Splendor and luxury…

Gallery Roman blinds
Created to bring elegance and luxury to your interior, roman blinds lend individuality and uniqueness. Their name is not a coincidence – they were used in Ancient Rome and have proven their usefulness throughout thousands of years. All kinds of different materials are suitable for roman blinds – from the fine organza to the heavy plush. That is why roman blinds look magnificent and can fit in almost any interior style – from the traditionally classical to the modern high-tech. When they are gathered, they produce horizontal folds, evenly overlapping. They can replace the curtain.
The blinds are suitable for ceiling, wall or frame mounting. They are produced according to the individual dimensions of the customer.
Production of irregular dimensions! Advantages:
  • Easy installation
  • Colours, resistant to atmospheric influences
  • Easy adjustment
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Possibility for remote electronic adjustment
Wide choice of materials and colours for your roman blinds:
  • Pastel or bright colours
  • Stain resistant materials
  • Figures – interwoven images, coming out in the light
  • With lamé – in golden or silvery grey
  • Satinised
  • Imitation of natural materials – wood, linen
  • Innovative models from antistatic fabric
  • Blackout – 100% darkening
  • Different degrees of transparency – from light and highly transparent to very thick, allowing for sleep during the day in complete darkness
  • Wide choice of different images – still life, landscape, kitchen, children, etc

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