Venetian blinds

Elegance and cosiness with natural materials…

Gallery Venetian blinds
       Venetian wooden blinds are a preferred everyday companion for their relaxed appearance and design. They are the luxury option of the classical horizontal blind, bringing the natural beauty and warmth of wood into your home, office or venue, without being too ostentatious at the same time. Their elegance, high quality and masterly workmanship put them at the top of the shading products, much south after by people with high demands of style and beauty.
       The wooden lamella of the venetian blinds offered by Tomatex Home Textile is offered in widths of 25mm, 35mm or 50mm. the profiles and cords are colour matched to the wood. Usually the top beam is hidden by a wooden moulding. The Venetian wooden blinds are produced according to individual dimensions so they can fit perfectly in your interior. They are ceiling, wall or frame mounted.
  • Easy installation
  • Colours and natural materials, resistant to atmospheric influences, achieved by special processing of the lamellas
  • Easy to manage
  • Different levels of light transmission - the mechanism of management lamella allows you to adjust level of eclipse
  • Bring style and cosiness
  • Wide range of natural wood colours
  • A choice of a discrete cord or a wide textile band to adjust the lamellas
  • Possibility for remote adjustment if needed

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