Vertical blinds

Necessary amount of light through clean design…

Gallery Vertical Blinds
       Vertical blinds are perfect to control the amount of light coming into the room through rotation. They replace curtains and help increase the visual height of the room.        The vertical blinds bands are textile or PVC, 9 or 12 cm wide. They are attached to and move along an elegant aluminum profile.        The rotation and movement of the bands is controlled through a cord at the end of the blind. The bands can be gathered in the left end, in the right end, in both ends or in the middle.        Tomatex Home Textile offers a wide range of different types of materials and colours with different degree of transparency and light absorption according to the customer needs.
       Vertical blinds are suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. They are produced according to the individual dimensions of the customer.
Production of irregular dimensions! Advantages
  • Easy installation
  • Colours and materials, resistant to atmospheric influences
  • Easy adjustment
  • Create a unique atmosphere
  • Different degrees of transparency
  • Possibility for remote electronic adjustment if needed
Wide choice of materials and colours for your vertical blinds:
  • Pastel or bright colours
  • Stain resistant materials
  • Figures – interwoven images, coming out in the light
  • Lamé – in golden or silvery gray
  • Patterns similar to wallpaper
  • Satinised
  • Natural materials imitation – wood, linen
  • Blackout – 100% darkening
  • Themed choices of different stylized images
  • Antistatic – no dust gathering

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