A variety of fabrics in different colours and patterns …

Gallery Curtains
       The diversity of curtains offered by Tomatex home Textile is wide enough to satisfy even the most demanding customer tastes and preferences, regardless of whether your home is furnished classically or in the modern style of pop-art, high-tech, minimalism…       All curtain and decoration models and designs (Mondovani, tie backs, tassels, fringes, etc.), which you will find in the company catalogue, can be produced in the same or different colour range, completely or partially and in combination.        The options shown in the company catalogue are not exhaustive of the production possibilities – our rich experience allows us to provide individual ideas and solutions for every room. You can propose your own projects for textile production.
       We offer a wide service range when you are choosing an interior textile:
  • Consultation when choosing textile for curtains /colour, pattern, style, transparency/
  • Visual presentation of the project /length, frill, accessories/
  • Tailoring – we provide precision when producing your curtains
  • Quick installation
  • High quality, both of the fabrics and materials and of the production process
  You can make the best suited choice for any space /home, venue or hotel/. Tomatex Home Textile offers fabric production abroad for the more ornate and luxurious curtains from the current catalogue!

Visit the Tomatex Home Textile showroom: Burgas, Lazur, 63 Konstantin Velichkov Str.