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Avant-garde and elegance…

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These blinds are a relatively new trend in design, even though they were used in ancient times in Japan. The idea of beauty in this country is unique – curtness, simplicity and elegance. The Japanese wall has a multifunctional influence on the sense – the choice of colour and pattern allows for accents on different parts of the interior.
The Japanese wall or “Shoji” is a traditional sliding screen. Even though it has been known since antiquity, the Japanese wall blinds have been replacing the classical curtain more and more frequently. The system of sliding panels is an avant-garde solution which you can find here and combine with a wide range of patterns and colours.
The Japanese wall blinds are a few straight sheets of textile or polyester, with aluminium lamellas, above and below, a profile cornice, including a few grooves. The top lamellas of the blind sheets are tucked in grooves along which they move. Each sheet moved along its own groove and can be of different dimensions depending on the design. Thanks to their modern mechanism, different movement configurations can be created in different directions – left, right or both.
The blinds are suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. They are produced according to the individual dimensions of the customer.
Production of irregular dimensions! Advantages:
  • Easy installation – suitable for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Colours, resistant to atmospheric influences
  • Easy adjustment
  • Possibility for remote electronic adjustment if needed
  • Avant-garde atmosphere through contrasting colours for each panel
  • Different degrees of transparency – the panel adjustment mechanism regulates the degree of darkening in the room
  • Blackout – 95% darkening
Wide choice of materials and colours for your roman blinds:
  • Pastel or bright colours
  • Stain resistant materials
  • Figures – interwoven images, coming out in the light
  • With lamé – in golden or silvery gray
  • Satinised
  • Imitation of natural materials – wood, linen
  • Certified non-flammable material
  • Tomatex Home Textile offers textile materials for curtains, matching the panel textile for your chosen Japanese wall
  • A wide choice of different stylized images

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